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Seam (Bowler - Bowling)
Refers to a bowler who can cause a ball to strike the pitch on the seam of the ball, thereby causing it to deviate in its delivery path prior to reaching the batsman.

A group of officials appointed for the purpose of picking the players to represent a cricket team.

Refers to a period of play during a cricket match.

A screen placed near the boundary behind the line of the bowlers arm in order to aid the batsman’s sighting of the ball when bowled.

Refers to any fielding position that is located very close to the batsman.

Refers to a catch that would under normal circumstances be considered to be very easy.

The Captain of a cricket team.

To use either abusive or offensive words against an opponent. The Aussies refer to this practice as “Mental Disintegration.” The term sledge, was a shortened term taken from the Australian saying “as subtle as a sledgehammer.”

Slow Wicket
Describes a pitch is in such a physical state, it offers no advantage to a pace bowler, however, a considerable advantage to a spin bowler.

A slang term used for the stumps.

Sticky Wicket
Describes a pitch, which although dry on the surface, has underlying soft patches. This type of wicket is generally a difficult playing surface for batsman as it can cause a ball to behave unpredictably. Most pitch preparation practices have all but done away with these type of pitches, which were once very common in England and Australia.

A slang term given to a person who runs across the cricket field naked.

Strike (Striker)
The name given to the batsman who is facing the  bowler. The batsman is said to be "on strike".

Cricket Stumps - Wickets - SticksStumps
The three upright timber sticks at each end of the pitch. Sitting atop each set of stumps are two bails. A term also used to describe the end of a days play. See Stumps Measurements

Refers to any run scored by any means other than from the bat.

Generally refers to the last 4 batsman on the batting side.

A cricket match of International standard lasting for 5 days.

Refers to the very bottom edge of the bat.

The toss of a coin is used to determine whether a particular team will initially bat or bowl to open a match.

Twelfth Man
An extra player chosen for a team to act as a substitute filedsman in the event one is called for. The twelfth man is generally not permitted to bat or bowl.

Generally used by a batsman to indicate his acceptance of a dismissal without waiting for the decision of an umpire. The physical act of walking away from the stumps. It was once the usual practice, but is now very uncommon.

This term has many different uses. It can refer to the batting and bowling area, a dismissal by a bowler or the stumps.

Wicket Maiden
An over in which the bowler has taken a wicket without a batsman scoring runs.

A bowling delivery that generally passes under the bat near to a batsman’s toes. Also known as a Sandshoe Crusher.

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