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Off (Side)
The area immediately to the front of the batsman when waiting for the bowler to deliver a ball.

The part of the playing surface of the arena closest to the boundary. See Fielding Diagram

The set number of balls bowled by a bowler. An over consists of 6 balls. The term “Over” is also called by the umpire when the bowler has completed his 6 balls.

Over the Wicket
Used to describe the bowling action of the bowler when the delivery arm follows through on the side closest to the stumps. The opposite term is Around the wicket, which describes the bowling action of a bowler when the delivery arm follows through on the side furthest from the stumps.

Describes the extra runs scored when a ball is missed by the fielder or wicketkeeper when returned to the stumps by a fielder.

Pace (Bowling - Bowler)
Describes all types of bowling other than spin bowling. Can vary from medium to fast pace.

A protective device used to protect the legs of both batsmen and wicketkeepers from being struck by the ball. Can also decsribe the manner in which a batsman may deflect the ball away from the stumps  by thrusting the leg and striking the ball.

Refers to the batting performance by two particular batsmen whilst batting together during any particular innings. Or to the cumulative score made by two partnering batsmen.

In batting, refers to the ability of the batsman to visually observe the type of delivery about to be bowled by a bowler. In bowling, refers to a method adopted by bowlers to lift the seam of a cricket ball to gain an unfair advantage (cheat).

Pie Thrower
A slang term used to describe a bowler of poor quality.

A term also used to describe the wicket where the batting and bowling is performed. Wickets must be 22 yards in length to comply with the Laws of Cricket. See Pitch Diagram

When a batsman is standing directly in the line of the stumps.

A term used to describe a bowler of fast pace.

The throw by a fielder of the ball to either the wicketkeeper or the non strikers end.

The method of scoring during a game of cricket. Also a single unit of  score.

A player dressed in full batting equipment called to act as the runner for an injured batsman. A runner is only permitted to run for the injured batsman, who is still required to face the bowling.

Run Out
A method of dismissing the batsman by disturbing the stumps before the batsman has made his ground and is within the batting crease.

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