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The act of a batsman patting down with the tip of his bat, either loose areas of pitch or pieces of the playing surface that have come apart.

Golden Duck
When a batsman is dismissed by the very first ball he faces without scoring.

Good Eye
The ability of a batsman to assess and sight a delivery much quicker than would normally occur.

Good Length
A bowling delivery that pitches is such a position, it will confuse the batsman as to whether the ball should be played off the front or back foot.

This is a delivery by a right arm spin bowler which to a right hand batsman appears as if it will spin from leg to off, however, spins in the opposite direction. Thanks: Steven Dear

The person who prepares and maintains the pitch and playing field.

A bowling delivery that stays very low after leaving the surface of the pitch.

Half Volley
A bowling delivery which pitches in such a position that the batsman is able to strike the ball almost immediately it leaves the surface of the pitch.

When a bowler is able to manage 3 dismissals from 3 consecutive  deliveries in the same match.

Hit Wicket
To strike and  subsequently break the stumps with the bat resulting in the batsmanís dismissal.

Hook (Shot)
A batting stroke played to the on side as a result of a short pitched delivery from the bowler.

Also stated as "Hows That?" when the fielding side is appealing fro a  dismissal. First used by the Australians.

The grouping of fieldsman normally placed with 30-40 metres of the batsman. See Fielding Diagram

The period of time spent batting by a team or individual.

In Swinger
A delivery from a bowler which deviates from the leg side to the off side.

A slang term used to describe a delivery bowled so well by the bowler it is unplayable. The term is thought to originate from the sweet (candy) of the same name, which is a small orange coloured chocolate filled ball. It may also come from the fruit of the same name, an orange known as the Jaffa, which is a very sweet seedless variety.

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