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Refers to the farthest outfield. A fieldsman in the deep, is either at or near the point boundary. See Diagram

Dig In
The act of a batsman ensuring he remains at the crease for a long period, rather than attack and risk his wicket by attempting to score frequent runs.

Drawing the Stumps
The physical act by an umpire of withdrawing the stumps from the pitch at the close of the day's  play.

A refreshment break during a session of play where fluids are brought onto the ground.

A score of zero believed to have got its name from the shape of the  numeral for zero and the fact it resembles a duck's egg.

The outermost perimeter of the bat. Also refers to a ball only just  struck by the edge of the bat by a batsman. Sometimes called a "snick".

A very faint edge of a ball by the batsman, aka a "snick".

The ground or oval on which a match is played. Also refers to the placement of fieldsmen within the playing area. See Diagram

A player strategically placed within the field of play, with the object of stopping the batting team from scoring runs. Fielding Positions Diagram

A hostile, generally fast pace bowler, who bowls a succession of usually short pitched deliveries.

Finger Spin
A method used by a bowler to deliver a ball which will spin off the surface of a pitch. The spin on the ball is imparted with the use of a finger or the fingers.

The cream coloured clothing worn by a cricketer.

Generally refers to the condition of a pitch which has an even surface without much bounce.

The loop in the path of the ball after being bowled by the spin bowler into the breeze, which will cause it to drop sharply onto the pitch with the hope of deceiving the batsman.

A delivery used by a leg spin bowler which presents to the batsman in a flatter and faster delivery to the normal leg spin delivery. This delivery is believed to have been devised by Australia's Richie Benaud. But, some anecdotal evidence suggests it may have been first used by Clarrie Grimmet.

Follow On
The requirement by the fielding Captain for the batting team to immediately bat again after being dismissed during its first innings and not having met the total of the opposing side at the close of the first days play.

Full Blooded
A batting stroke played with the full physical power of the batsman.

Full Toss
A bowling delivery which reaches the batsman without first having struck the pitch.

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