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A Guide to Commonly Used Cricket Terminology and Jargon Particular to the Sport of Cricket

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For the uninitiated, common terms and slang which are used every day in the sport of cricket, can sometimes seem like a foreign language. So you can familiarise yourself with the "language" of cricket, we have written a comprehensive glossary of common terms and slang used by both players and spectators alike.

Many of the terms will appear to be pure commonsense, others will in fact cause you to question their logic. Cricket terms can, and often do have several meanings and or applications. Where approriate we have provided explanations. Once you understand the terminology used in the game, this will assist you to better understand the game as a whole.

We are sure many people would argue more terms exist than are listed here, there is no doubt this is true, however, these are the basic terms which are in  common use around the world. Every country has slang and terms particular to its  own region, we have not attempted to list these as they will do nothing more  than confuse you.

Let's kick back, learn the language, and in no time you will be sending down the odd chinaman to be knicked by the batsman, before popping into the hands of the silly mid off fieldsman. Many of the explanations also have a picture or link to another page that will help you further undertand the particular term.

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Common Cricket Terminology. Your guide to the common terms used in cricket.
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