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Not for profit, personal and club/team sites will be reviewed and may be included within the relevant category on Abc of Cricket at the discretion of the editor. Submitted sites should be relevant, have heaps of valuable content about cricket, not infringe the intellectual rights (copyright) of others and be well constructed with minimal affiliate links and or advertising. There will be no cost for this review, however, if your site is included at Abc of Cricket, we do expect you to maintain a reciprocal link to our site. If you are not prepared to do this, then donít even consider asking for your site to be listed. Sites that do not maintain a reciprocal link to Abc of Cricket, will be de-listed from our directory. Before submitting a link request, ensure your link to Abc of Cricket is in place and donít forget to tell us where you have placed the link.

If your site meets the above criteria: Send the details of the site and itís address to:

When you post your reciprocal link to Abc of Cricket, simply set the link to point to or alternately you may use the button below to link to us.

Simply copy the graphic below and link it to When you have done this, send an email to and tell him the address of the page where you have linked to Abc of Cricket and he will activate your link on this site. Note: Your site will NOT even be considered unless you have already placed the Abc of Cricket Logo below on your site and linked it to our homepage.


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Commercial Sites

Commercial, business or sites showing a large proportion of advertising or affiliate links will only be included within the relevant index page at Abc of Cricket after payment of a US$55 submission/review fee. The site will be reviewed and included within Abc of Cricket at the discretion of our editor. It is essential that any site submitted for commercial inclusion at Abc of Cricket must be relevant to the topic of cricket. The fee for commercial inclusion, does not guarantee that your site will be included, it only guarantees that it will be reviewed and if suitable for inclusion, will be listed in the relevant index category. It takes considerable time to review a site and no refunds will be given where a site is deemed unsuitable.

To ensure you are not wasting your money, make sure your site is relevant to cricket, has valuable content and or products, is well constructed and does not violate the rights of any individual or group.

To be considered for a paid review: Send an email to and request further details on how you go about getting this done in a swift and efficient manner. You will be required to pay the fee of US$15 prior to any review taking place. We only accept PayPal payments for this purpose and if you do not already have an account with them, you can sign-up for a free account now from the following link. Details of where to send the payment to will be given when you make inquiry from the above email link. All paid submissions are guaranteed a thorough and professional review and if included in Abc of Cricket, a listing near the top of the page to ensure a good click thru rate.

Alternately, commercial sites of any nature can purchase an advertising solution to promote their products on Abc of Cricket. Visit our advertisers page for more information. Advertisers

Note: Do not use this submission process for betting/gambling sites. For information on how to submit these sites visit Betting.


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Note: If it is reported to Abc of Cricket that any site listed in our index engages in spamming, unsolicited email campaigns, contains racist views or actively promotes pornography or violence, we reserve the right to remove that site immediately. Abc of Cricket is recognised as a site of quality content and integrity and will not be associated with any site of dubious practices. We know you will support this policy and we look forward to bringing you the very best cricket sites that we can find.

We do not include all submitted sites and reserve the right to include a site at the discretion of our Abc of Cricket Editor Shane Dell.

Free site submission may also be done at Gigablast Search Index

Cricket realted websites submission guidlines and policy. Submit your cricket related site to Abc of Cricket.
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