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Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring
Since its first publication Tom Smith's book has become the first reference book umpires and scores from Test match to club cricket levels consult. It contains the complete Laws of Cricket, help on interpretation and practical hints. Tom Smith's book has been revised under the auspices of the Association of Cricket Umpires and Scorers. It is the only guide authorised by the Association.  

Shane Warne: My Autobiography
Shane Warne is arguably the greatest spinner of all time - he has taken 356 wickets in 82 tests since his debut in the Sydney test in the 1991-92 series. In this autobiography, he talks about his early ambitions, and offers a colourful narrative account of the various Ashes series in which he has been involved.  

Sir Vivian
This autobiography, written with journalist Bob Harris, tells the story from Viv's point of view, and is pretty much what cricket fans would expect from the man who was no stranger to controversy on a number of occasions during his playing days.  

Jargonbusting: an Analysts' Guide to Test Cricket
Simon Hughes, one of the pillars of Channel 4's much-acclaimed test match commentary, wrote Jargonbusting to explain cricket to an audience unfamiliar with its complexities and odd vernacular.  

Bradman's Best
Sir Donald Bradman saw more cricket than anyone else in the 20th century. He personally watched virtually all the best cricketers from all the major playing nations, as well as both playing in and selecting Test sides from 1928 to 1971, giving him an unprecedented appreciation of the best the sport had to offer. Towards the end of his life, from a whole century of cricketers, he selected the very finest twelve for his ideal team. Now, you can read about that team, in the words of the great man himself and in so doing gain an insight into the game he loved.  

Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 2003
Whilst the British climate may not truly herald the beginning of summer until a later date, the publication of this cricketing bible each April signals the imminent start of the season for our summer game. As ever, the latest edition Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, stands as a benchmark for every aspiring sports annual.  

The Laws of Cricket
Sets out in full the text of the new laws of cricket. For each of the 42 laws, this guide provides a commentary, covering reasons for changes and highlighting their anticipated effects at every level of the game.  

Know the Game: Cricket
This title provides the key rules and regulations for playing cricket. It explains the core skills, drills and tactics, and covers scoring, umpiring and equipment. It also includes modified rules for developing players.  

The Art of Cricket
Chapters on the basics such as batting, bowling, wicket keeping and equipment are followed by higher level advice on running out, captaincy, coaching and a host of other subjects that will ensure all-round competence. Simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions make this book ideal for any age or skill level--just bring dedication!  

The Bluffer's Guide to Cricket
Facts, jargon and instant expertise on cricket. A very humorous way to learn about the sport of cricket.  

The Don: The Definitive Biography Of Sir Donald Bradman
This biography of the cricketer, Donald Bradman, is based on exclusive and extensive interviews with him. It traces the story of his early years and brings to life every major performance.  

Collins Gem Cricket
An introduction to cricket. The book begins by examining the history of the game, and moves on to look at details of the main national and international competitions and a selection of the greatest players. The rules and vocabulary of the game are explained and tips on techniques are offered.  

Coaching Youth Cricket
Working from the basics to team tactics, this guide for coaches focuses specifically on cricket, and how to teach the sport to children between the ages of six and 14. It includes 21 drills to improve players' skills.  





More Cricket and Sports Books 

Cricket History - Eddie Gilbert - Bodyline - Bradman - Jardine - True Story - Book - Buy OnlineEddie Gilbert
Eddie Gilbert dismissed Don Bradman for a duck after a spell of bowling the legendary champion batsman rated as the fastest he had ever faced. In fact, Eddie Gilbert was so fast, he knocked the bat from Bradman’s hands. Gilbert outdone Bradman on two further occasions, took on Jardine during the infamous Bodyline tour, vied for test selection and was eventually branded a “chucker” by a system dominated by “white men” who could not tolerate the thought of a “black fella” being a superior cricketer. Much has been spoken and written about Eddie Gilbert since 1931, much of it wrong. Based on seven years of meticulous research, this book tells the True Story of Eddie Gilbert and is a MUST HAVE for all cricket history buffs.

Legends of Cricket - History - Book - Buy OnlineLegends of Cricket
A fully illustrated collection of biographies of the 25 greatest cricketers of all time, as chosen by a panel of experts. This book is guaranteed to settle a few arguments and start a whole lot more. In order to identify the 25 greatest cricketers of all time, ESPN assembled a panel of eminent cricket authorities. The result of their deliberations became the basis for ESPN's Legends of Cricket. The panel included Richie Benaud, Dickie Bird, Allan Border, Ian Botham, Ian Chappell, Sunil Gavaskar and Sir Richard Hadlee.

Ground Rules - A Celebration of Test CricketGround Rules - A Celebration of Test Cricket
Looks at thirteen of the world's greatest Test Match venues and plots the historical chart that has made them such an inspiration to players of all nationalities and their followers. It’s the ultimate celebration of cricket, tapping into every cricketer's passion of the game and the grounds on which it is played. There are stunning and rare images from some of the world's best photographers together with original insights from some of the legendary names in Cricket.

Bodyline Autopsy - Full Story of the Most Sensational Cricket Series Ever - BradmanBodyline Autopsy
Australia boasted the most prolific scorer of runs the game had ever seen: young Don Bradman, who had punished England's bowlers mercilessly during the 1930 tour. He had to be stopped. Jardine had the weapon and the strategy. The leg-side bouncer onslaught inflicted on Bradman and other Australian batsmen in 1932-33 by Larwood and Bill Voce, with a ring of fieldsmen waiting for catches, caused outrage at the highest level of government. Bodyline, as this infamous technique came to be known, was repugnant to the majority of cricket-lovers, and ultimately outlawed. In this work, David Frith has provided a history replete with anecdote on a sporting scandal that, 70 years on, continues to inspire controversy.

The Ashes Cricket Series. Australia v England - Bodyline and Sir Don Bradman



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