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ICC Elite Panel umpires have consulted with their third umpire colleagues on 57 occasions during the 14 matches played in the Pool and Semi Final stages of the ICC Champions Trophy in Colombo.

Of these, 29 were for the 'new' categories of decision making, covering lbw and caught appeals. Of the 20 lbw's, 12 were given not out (8 resulted in positive decisions being given), while all of the 9 consultations for caught appeals were adjudged not out.

The remaining 28 referrals were for line decisions, such as run outs and stumpings (23 run out referrals resulted in twelve out and eleven not out. The 5 stumpings were all given out).

The average time for each consultation has remained constant throughout the tournament at 58 seconds, with the longest decision standing at just over two minutes (Ronnie Irani for a caught down the legside appeal in the England game v India). The briefest consultation has delivered a decision in 25 seconds.

Although the application of the technology trial has been a new experience for all parties - umpires, referees and TV producers - the statistics have been similar throughout the ICC Champions Trophy tournament. Both the average number of referrals per game - a fraction over four- and the average time taken to reach a decision - under a minute - have been consistent through the Pool and Semi Final matches.

The statistics support the initial conclusion that greater use of replay technology is not slowing the flow of the game to any significant effect.

The ICC Champions Trophy is world cricket's first comprehensive trial of the extended use of TV replay technology in aiding umpires' decision making. At the conclusion of the tournament the ICC will analyse all aspects of the trial and consult with all parties involved, as the game seeks to reach a definitive position on the future use of technology.

Source: ICC Media Release

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