Zimbabwe Locks Out Cricket Journalist - ICC Response

World Cup Cricket News 20/02/03

The International Cricket Council said today that it was disappointed with the decision of the Zimbabwe authorities to deny Daily Telegraph journalist Simon Briggs access to the country and is seeking an urgent explanation from the Zimbabwe authorities to ensure that the situation does not arise again.

ICC General Manager - Corporate Affairs, Brendan McClements said that while is was now too late to address Mr Briggs' situation, the ICC is seeking confirmation that all other journalists accredited for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 will be able to enter Zimbabwe.

"The ICC has a written undertaking from the Zimbabwe Government that journalists accredited for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003 will be granted access to Zimbabwe to report on the tournament," said Mr McClements.

"The Zimbabwe Government has also waived a $600 US fee usually payable by foreign journalists and until Mr Briggs' case this system was working very well.

"Many foreign journalists, including English journalists, have been able to enter Zimbabwe and report freely on the cricket.

"I am currently seeking an urgent explanation from the authorities and will be seeking to ensure that the agreement in place between the Zimbabwe government and the ICC continues to be implemented."

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