Laws of Cricket 1774, Law 4

Laws of Cricket 1774 - Law 4

Batt, Foot or Hand over the Crease

Laws of Cricket 1774. The first official laws of cricket implemented in 1774 after a meeting in Pall Mall.

When the ball has been in Hand by one of the Keeper or Stpers and the Player has been at Home, he may go where he pleases till the next Ball is bowled. If Either of the Strikers is crossed in his running Ground designedly, which design must be determined by the Umpires. NB - The Umpires may order that notch to be scored. When the Ball is hit up either of the strikers may hinder the catch in his running ground, or if She is hit directly across the Wickets the Other Player may place his Body any where within the swing of his Batt so as to hinder the Bowler from catching her, but he must neither Strike at her nor touch her with his hands. If a striker nips up a Ball just before him he may fall before his Wicket, or pop down his Batt before She comes to it, to save it. The Bail hanging on one stump, though the Ball hit the Wicket, is not out.

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