Laws of Cricket 1774, Law 3, Laws for the Strikers (Batsmen)

Laws of Cricket 1774 - Law 3, Laws for Strikers

Laws for the Strikers, or Those that are In

Laws of Cricket 1774, Law 3, Laws for Strikers - Batsmen

If the wicket be bowled down its out. If he Strikes or treads down, or falls upon the wicket in striking (but not over running) its out. A Stroke or Nip over or under his Batt or upon his hands (but not arms), if the Ball be held before She touches the Ground, though She be hugged to the Body, its out. If in Striking both his feet are over the popping Crease and his Wicket put down, except his Batt is down within, its out. If a Ball is nipped up and he Strikes her again Wilfully before She comes to the Wicket, its out. If the Players have crossed each other, he that runs for the Wicket that is put down is out. If they are not Crossed, he that returns is out. If in running a Notch the Wicket is struck down by a Throw before his Foot, Hand, or Batt is over the Popping Crease, or a Stump hit by the Ball, though the Bail was down, its out. But if the Bail is down before, he that catches the Ball must strike a Stump out of the Ground, Ball in Hand, then its out. If the Striker toucjes or takes up the Ball before she is lain quite still, unless asked by the Bowler or Wicket Keeper, its out.

The word Notch was the actual original term used for a run. So called, because a notch was cut in a length of wood to record a run and to record the final score for a match. Every tenth notch was cut deeper in the wood in order to make the tallying of the final total score easier.

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