The First Laws of Cricket, Law 2, Laws for Bowlers

Laws of Cricket 1774 - Law 2, Laws for Bowlers

Laws for Bowlers - 4 Balls an Over

Laws of Cricket 1774, Law 2, Laws for the Bowlers

The bowler must deliver the Ball with one foot behind the Crease even with the wicket, and when he has bowled one ball or more shall Bowl to the number 4 before he changes wickets, and he Shall Change but once in the same innings. He mayorder the Player that is at his wicket to Stand on which side of it he Pleases, at a reasonable distance. If he delivers the Ball with his hinder foot over the Bowling crease the Umpire shall call no Ball, though she be struck or the player is Bowled out; which he shall do without being asked, and no Person shall have any right to ask him.

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