Laws of Cricket - 1774, Law 1, The Game of Cricket

Laws of Cricket 1774 - Law 1, The Game of Cricket

The Game of Cricket, as Settled by the Cricket Club at the Star and Garter in Pall Mall

The Laws of Cricket 1774, Law1, The Game of Cricket.

The pitching the first wicket is to be determined by the cast of a piece of money when the first wicket is pitched and the popping crease cut, which must be exactly 3 Foot 10 inches from the wicket. The Other Wicket is to be pitched directly opposite, at 22 yards distance, and the other popping crease cut 3 Foot 10 inches before it. The Bowling Creases must be cut in a direct line from each Stump. The Stumps must be 22 inches long, and the Bail 6 inches. The Ball must weigh between 5 and 6 ounces. When the wickets are both pitched and all the Creases Cut, the party that wins the toss-up may order which side shall go in first at his option.

Cricket Ball and Bails
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