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Have you written an interesting cricket article you believe is worthy of being featured at the Abc of Cricket? If so, why not send it to Shane and let the worldwide cricket audience be your judge. If your article is selected as being worthy of inclusion, your name will feature prominently on our pages and your article will be viewed by visitors from around the world. Send it to Shane by clicking the following link:

Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot afford to pay for these articles or stories, however, if you aspire to a career in cricket writing, Abc of Cricket just might be your ticket to employment in this field. Our site is often reviewed by Cricket Magazines, Newspapers and online review sites the world over and our material features on many sites around the world where we have reciprocal content agreements.



The subject is your choice, so long as it is related to cricket and is relevant to a worldwide audience.

Note: All articles should be spell checked and edited for grammar and punctuation prior to submission. Submitted articles will be edited where necessary and corrections made if needed, but remember, one of the measures of a good writer, is the capacity to submit work that requires a minimum of preparation and or correction prior to publishing.

Finally, when you submit an article to Abc of Cricket, you submit the article with an unwritten guarantee that the article is your own work and that it does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any individual or entity. If you research your article from any publication either online or off, you should include a footnote of credits stating your sources.

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The Ashes Cricket Series. Australia v England - Bodyline and Sir Don Bradman



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