Cowardly England Crushed Again

Ashes Cricket News 02/12/02

Australia held its grasp on the Ashes urn with their eigth consecutive series win against England after defeating “Englands finest” by an innings and 48 runs at the WACA ground late on day three.

Clearly mismatched against the Aussie juggernaut, England once again never looked even slightly as if they would put up a fight. A scenario cricket fans have now become used to during the current Ashes series. Easily defeated inside four days in both the first test at the Gabba in Brisbane and the second test in Adelaide, England clearly was not going to last any longer than day three in Perth, let alone need to get on the team bus for day four.

England Captain Nasser Hussain was the only player to offer any real resistance to the Australians making 61 runs before being given out in a dodgy decision from the bowling of Shane Warne. Television replays clearly showed that Hussain did not snick the ball caught by Gilchrist as believed by the umpire and merely made contact with the ground trying to fend off a delivery just outside off stump bowled by the Sheik of Tweak.

Hussain, who was clearly angered by the umpires wrong decision, was later observed taking out his frustrations by kicking the furniture in the England dressing room. A demonstration clearly in line with the “dummy spits” he has a reputation for.

Aussie paceman Brett Lee, after demolishing the England first innings was once again let loose on the visitors by Captain Steve Waugh, who had earlier warned that blood would flow, on what has the reputation for being the world’s fastest and bounciest pitch and flow it did. After having frightened half the English team witless with his scintilating pace, Lee let fly with a short pitched ball to Alex Tudor and although Tudor tried to duck the ball that kept low, he wasn’t able to duck near low enough to avoid being cracked on the skull by the delivery. The claret immediately started to flow whilst Tudor rolled around the ground not knowing whether to pass out or get up and run.

Subsequently, the stretcher was called for and Tudor was carted from the ground with a severe gash under his left eye. Players being stretchered from the field are becoming very familiar to the England team, who seem to be severely affected by even the slightest of injuries.

Nasser Hussain keeps telling us “this Australian side does not have a psychological grip over the England team.” Not only does this continual ‘reassurance’ from Hussain make him look paranoid, but clearly shows he does not have a clue what is happening to his players that are sent out to do battle with the Aussie gladiators.

Australia not only has a thorough mental stranglehold on England, but has also been able to pick the weak point of every player thrown against it by the ECB and their selectors, who appear to have no idea the type of player needed to win an Ashes series, let alone compete against Australia.

Why the ECB continues to show faith in those ‘crocks’ Caddick, Stewart and ‘Creepy’ Crawley is anyones guess. These three players have been far from International standard for quite some time and should have been sent off to play County Cricket long ago.

The ECB needs to urgently look to their younger players who have not been tarnished by the ‘laziness and been around too long bug’ and inject them into their team in order to put a little heart into an otherwise spineless mob of Sunday park cricketers. Because, putting it mildly, the current England squad lacks even the slightest bit of guts necessary to do the job at hand, save and except Nasser Hussain, Richard Dawson and Robert Key, who have been the only three players to have a go, if you discount the fantastic efforts of next in line England Captain Michael Vaughan.

Then you look at blokes like Steve ‘Wide of the Crease’ Harmison and simply have to shake your head and wonder where they get these players. Surely Harmison would have been much better off sticking to soccer, even considering the modest player he supposedly is. On second thoughts, dancing would probably be more suitable if his display at the WACA during the opening overs of his second innings with the ball was anything to go by. He looked more like Fred Astaire doing a hot shoe shuffle than an England strike bowler running in to bowl.

Australian fans once looked forward to the Ashes series, but watching this heartless bunch, which is supposed to be the best English cricket has, makes a mockery of the nation that is supposed to have invented the game of cricket. They lack guts, talent, determination and the will to win.

Just ask the Kiwis how to beat Australia, they will tell you! Just like the Aussie’s would for their Baggy Green, the Kiwis would do anything to wear the Black Cap.

It’s called pride!

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