Pakistan born English cricketer held on suspicion of planning a terrorist bombing in London.



English Cricketer Held on Suspicion of Terrorism

News by Shane Dell 02/04/04

Once again the murderous tentacles of Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism have reached out into the cricket world with the announcement of the arrest of a young English cricketer who many believed would one day represent England in the International arena.

Omar Khyam, a 22 year old former Captain of the Sussex under 18 team, has been placed under arrest and is being questioned by British anti-terrorism police in relation to his links and involvement in a plot to committ a terrorist bombing at an unidentified location in Britain. Also arrested and being questioned by police is Khyam’s younger brother Shujah, his cousin Ahmad Khan and a number of other individuals, all believed to be under the age of 35, supporters of al -Qaeda and with deep roots within the British community.

Anti-terrorism police who had the group under surveilance for some time prior to the arrest, were forced to swoop in a number of lightning dawn raids when it become apparent the group were well advanced in their plans to committ a terrorist bombing. Members of the group were linked to a large amount of ammonium nitrate fertiliser recovered by police, which is considered one of the preferred bomb making materials of Islamic terrorists. The material was that used in a number of previous bombings across the world with one of the latest being the bombing in Bali that killed almost 200 people.

Omar, Shujah Khyam and Khan were also in possession of airline tickets to fly to Pakistan, which police believe they intended to do shortly after they committed their planned terrorist act. But Ansar Khan, father of one of those arrested has said the boys were going to leave Britain on the advice of British spy agency MI5, who had earlier advised his son and nephews to return to Pakistan, a claim dismissed by British authorities. All eight detained suspects are British born citizens of Pakistani descent and there is no plausible reason an agency such as MI5 would advise any of them to travel to Pakistan.

In 2000, when Omar was 18, he informed his mother he was going to France on a study trip but instead travelled to Pakistan. His family flew out and brought him back to the UK. It is well know that France is one of the hotbeds for the recruitment of Islamic terrorists.

The eight suspects, aged 17 to 32, are being held under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of "being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism".

Authorities are continuing to question the suspects and are confident that charges will soon follow.

Spanish police are also investigating a link between one of the arrested suspects and the recent Madrid bombings.

No doubt, if charged and convicted, the future cricket career of Omar Khyam will be over and he will face a very long period of incarceration as a guest of Her Majesty the Queen, a fitting finale for such a potentially muderous traitor.

British authorities can feel proud knowing that at least one group of these lunatics have been detected before they could slaughter innocent people, but they also recognise the fact that their job is an ongoing campaign to destroy the forces of evil who have vowed to kill those who do not subscribe to their followings.

As a supporter of the war on terror, Britain knows it is only a case of when, not if these terrorist filth will strike and caution all citizens to be vigilant, as it may not be a foreign enemy who attacks their shore, but the enemy within.

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