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After recently receiving the go ahead from the ICC to hold international cricket matches, Tangier is set to host itís first major cricket series with the inaugural Morocco Cup. The tri-nation series involving Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka, is expected to become an annual event hosted by Federation Royale Morocaine de Cricket (FRMC).

General Information

The Federation Royale Marocaine de Cricket (FRMC) is proud to announce that the Tangier Cricket Stadium will be hosting its first International Tournament from August 12 to 21  2002. Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka will compete in a 50-overs one day triangular series, for a prestigious trophy and prize money of US$250,000. The tournament has been organised by the FRMC in association with the Sharjah-based Cricketers Benefit Fund Series. It will be the first time international cricket has been staged in North Africa. Morocco is an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council, which has officially approved the venue and supports the development of cricket in Morocco as part of its long-term strategy to globalise the game.

History and Geography

With its rich International heritage it is fitting that Tangier should be at the forefront of introducing cricket to a new part of Africa. The city has been called the Gateway to Morocco and was designated the country's summer capital by King Hassan II, the father of the current ruler, King Mohammed V1.

Overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar with a view of Spain's southern coast, Tangierís picturesque setting, temperate climate and strategic position where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean has made it a target for travellers for thousands of years. At the crossroads of civilisations, Tangier is a gateway to the African continent, yet closely identifies with Europe. As a meeting-point of routes to so many different destinations, Tangier has an illustrious past. It has been controlled by the Arabs, Phoenicians, Romans, Berbers, the French, the Spanish and the English.. For a period of the last century it enjoyed the unique distinction of special international status and still retains the cosmopolitan characteristics of the multiplicity of influences from that period. In 1956 Tangier became a fully integrated part of the Kingdom of Morocco.

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Travel - Visas

EU citizens do not require an entry visa prior to arrival in Tangier, nor do citizens of Australia or New Zealand, but  holders of passports from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and South Africa will require a visa.

Air Travel Info

Tangier is well served via direct flights from London, Madrid and Paris. Connections from all other major international destinations are available via Casablanca.

Source: FRMC

Schedule of Matches for Morrocco Cup 2002

International Match Schedule

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