Oh no, not Again Shane!

Once again the infamous King of Spin, Shane Warne, finds himself embroiled in an unsavoury incident with a female and as usual, he hasn't done anything wrong according to him and his partner and witness on this occassion, Brett Lee. I guess we are left wondering if his wife Simone feels the same way about the most recent incident or finds herself lecturing her husband about inappropriate behaviour with young women. How much would one pay to have been a fly on the wall when his explanation of the most recent incident was given to his wife.

With news breaking recently of a plot by several persons to extort money from the ACB in exchange for covering up information about an assault by an Aussie cricketer on a 16 year old girl. It has been revealed, a male person recently contacted the ACB and attempted to make arrangements not to spill the beans about an incident involving Shane Warne and the 16 year old girl, in exchange for a sum of money and a number of season tickets. Although it has since been concluded that no actual assault had taken place, Shane Warne has admitted he did kiss the 16 year old who is alleged to have followed both himself and Brett Lee on a recent outing to Australia's Gold Coast.

Apparently the girl who was in the company of a number of male persons was following the vehicle in which Warne and Lee were travelling, unable to shake the adoring fans from the tale of their vehicle, they stopped and had a conversation with those that were following them and in effort to get a little privacy and have these people leave them alone, Shane Warne innocently agreed to plant a kiss as requested on the cheek of the 16 year old. The girls uncle, on hearing of the escapades of his niece decided that it may be an opportunity to earn a few dollars in exchange for keeping the incident of her being "inappropriately kissed" quiet from the media by contacting the ACB and demanding a payoff in exchange for his silence in not exposing the behaviour of Shane Warne. Unfortunately the uncle obviously did not reckon on the ACB contacting police who promptly arrested him with the view to laying a number of charges in relation to the extortion attempt. The stupidity of this man can only be compared to the stupidity of Shane Warne and Brett Lee in stopping their vehicle to confront their adoring fans. A simple telephone call to police would have been the obvious solution in solving the problem of harassment.

Warne, who has continually denied having done anything wrong to the girl, has admitted that he did innocently give the girl a kiss on the cheek in an attempt to stop her following him. Although evidence would show that what Warne states is in fact the truth, one would need to ask, was the incident so easily explained to his wife Simone, seeing that he has previously been involved in an unsavoury incident with a woman and in particular the infamous mobile phone incident, where it is alleged he made lurid comments to a woman via mobile phone while drunk. Surely, he would be skating on thin ice with his wife now and she would be justified in questioning any explanation offered by her husband, however skeptical of the claims in the media she may be.

Is there any wonder the ACB recently appointed Ricky Ponting as captain of the Aussie one day team. When you take into consideration the fact that Warne just can't seem to keep away from adverse press coverage of one sort or another. How could the ACB even consider Warne when you look at his past. If appointed captain, how long would it be before he was dragging the name of Aussie cricket through the dust or at the very least exposing it to media comment through his antics which have been previously very well documented and include the following;

No doubt Warne has a propensity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but regardless of this fact, these incidents are avoidable simply by keeping ones nose out of trouble and not seeking such excitement in the first place. As part of the Aussie cricket team, Warne is often looked upon by children as a role model and as such, has a huge responsibilty in this area to set a good example, but it appears for reasons best known only to himself, he just can't do this and regularly graces our morning newspapers with his antics.

No doubt, Warne believes that he is such an entreched and integral part of the Australian team, that his position in the side will never be questioned while he continues to perform on the pitch at such a high level. Well, in my opinion, I am starting to the think that the ACB will be coming close to making a decision on cutting Warne loose from the team in order to clean up the image of Aussie cricket and ensure no further adverse publicity. Surely the ACB is sick and tired of his antics by now and will be forced to act in order to protect the image of the sport in general. If Shane Warne is cut from the team, he has no-one else to blame but himself.

The ACB are known to be ruthless regarding wayward players as evidenced by the axing of Michael Slater from the Aussie test team, as much for his off-field behaviour and attitude to the team as for his poor performance during the Ashes series. Having luckily survived the "John the bookie" incident and the mobile phone incident, it can only be a matter of time before cricket authorities decide enough is enough and suggest Warne retire gracefully from the sport.

You can only wonder what his wife was thinking when he mentioned those words "darl, would you like to sit down, there is something I have to tell you."  No doubt, at the earliest mention of a 16 year old girl by Warne, the words "enough is enough" would have to have initially echoed through the mind of his wife Simone.

Long after Shane Wane has retired from the pitch....and the newpapers, he will long be remembered by cricket fans as much for his exploits off the field, as he is for his achievements on it and the gossip amongst cricket experts is, this may be much sooner than everyone thinks.


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