Kenya Series a Shamble

26 July 2002

Can Kenya seriously be saying they are interested in obtaining Test status from the ICC, considering their latest approach to the on again, off again series between Australia and Pakistan, which by all appearances seems forever doomed?

The series, which looked set to go ahead in Nairobi and include the Kenyan one day team, who were to fill the vacancy left by New Zealand after they withdrew from the series, as a result of it's last minute rescheduling for Nairobi, is once again in doubt, due to the incapacity of either the Kenyan government or cricket authorities to settle a dispute as to who should organise the event. One Kenyan cricket official has even been quoted as stating "he couldn't care less if the whole thing was cancelled."

The Kenyan Sports Minister, wants to appoint a caretaker committee to organise and run the event, but has had no luck at this time in doing so. The Kenyan Cricket Association, would normally be responsible for this, however, they were sacked by the Minister on May 17 2002, as a result of allegations of financial mismanagement. The sacking was later overturned by the Kenyan courts who subsequently reappointed the sacked members. However, it appears political interference is causing total confusion amongst members of the KCA, with no-one prepared to accept responsibility for the tournament.

The indecision and total incompetence of the Kenyan authorities has forced the ICC to release a statement urging the cricket authorities and government to bury the hatchet and work together for the benefit of Kenyan cricket.

No doubt Kenya, who has applied for full member status from the ICC, which would allow it to play Test cricket against current world sides, is seriously jeopardising their position if they wish their application to be taken seriously.

The fact is, if they can't organise a simple one day series, then what hope do they really have of fulfilling the commitment required to organise and host a test series. I say, None!

Considering the current shamble, if I was ICC CEO Malcolm Speed, I think I would be telling Kenya to reapply for full membership in 5 years time, when they might have their act together.


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