The Ashes

Intro: A Legend is Born

Nothing contributes to the emotion of cricket fans worldwide more than a vigorously contested cricket series steeped in a long tradition and history. The bi-annual Ashes cricket series, played between competing teams from England and Australia, is the most widely followed competition of its type, by both spectators and media alike.

Ashes Series - Australia - England - History - Guide to the Ashes Cricket SeriesThe Australian and English cricket fans become totally immersed in the Ashes cricket competition every two years. Many of these fans live and breathe Ashes cricket and pay very little attention to any other issue in their day-to-day lives. From physical punch ups  between fans, to dissolution of marriage between husbands and wives, the attention accorded to the Ashes Test Match Series regularly borders on insanity.

Television networks worldwide are known to offer hundreds of millions of dollars in their attempts to secure the rights to an Ashes broadcast. Viewer audiences worldwide number in the hundreds of millions when these matches are broadcast on both television and cable. From the toss of the coin for the beginning of a match, to the post match player interviews, viewers are glued to the set and make sure not one moment of cricket history passes them by. Many of these fans can even recount the vaguest of facts surrounding an Ashes series, even better  than the experts associated with the sport of cricket itself.

Cricket players from both England and Australia can all recall the day as a youngster when they dreamt of representing their country in an Ashes Cricket Series. Ask any cricketer who has represented his country during the Ashes what his greatest moment in cricket was and there is no doubt, many will nominate the very first time they were chosen to play in a series. Ask any young Australian cricketer what he hopes to achieve from the sport in the future and he will tell  you, he wants to grow up and wear the "baggygreen" and play in an Ashes series. The baggygreen, is the actual cap presented to a player when he is chosen to play for Australia, it has become the epitome of having reached the highest possible level of representation in Australian cricket. There is no doubt, if you ask an English youngster the same question, you will meet with a very similar reply.

Where did it all begin? I hear you say! Well! If you join with me over the next few pages, I will give you an insight into the history of the most famous and infamous cricket series in history. With access to match reports from every Ashes Test played, to comprehensive statistics for every aspect of the series.

If you don't already know about the Ashes Cricket Series, you are about to learn!



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The Ashes Cricket Series. Australia v England - Bodyline and Sir Don Bradman




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