The Ashes

Part 3: Englandís Revenge

Needless to say, after the debacle that became known as The Ashes test in 1882, the English cricket authorities were adamant that never again would the English team suffer such a humiliating defeat. A tour of Australia was promptly planned for the latter part of 1882, early 1883 and to ensure England had a more than even chance of making amends for their embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Aussies, three tests were scheduled to be played. The English cricket  authorities figured they would indeed be able to defeat the opposition in a best of three series.

After a meeting at Lord's of the English cricket authorities, it was decided to appoint the Honorable Francis Bligh as captain for the forthcoming tour. Bligh was ordered by the Lord's members to make sure the Ashes of cricket were returned to their rightful home in England. A team of English cricketers were put together with the aim of regaining the glory of English cricket. They promptly departed England arriving in Australia in November 1882. After many preliminary games against various teams from the colonies, the first test in December 1882 turned out to be a nightmare for the visiting English team. Beaten comprehensively by the Aussies by the winning margin of 9 wickets, it appeared any hope of regaining The Ashes might be an up-hill battle.

Cricket Player Bowling - Ashes - History of the Ashes cricket series betwenn Australia and England played bi-annually.Instructions were issued to the English players, they must win at all costs in the second test at Melbourne. With the reputation of English cricket on the line and faced with the embarrassment of having to return home a defeated team, the Englishman rose to the occasion in the second test. Not only did they defeat the Aussies, they won by the huge winning margin of an innings and 27 runs. It appeared after all, the reputation of English cricket could and would be salvaged. With the series now tied, huge crowds were expected for the third and deciding test scheduled for February 1883 in Sydney.

The third test was a ferocious affair, the Aussies threw everything they had at the England team, however they could not manage to win the match, England were victorious by the margin of 69 runs. The Englishmen had won the series 2-1, and in the process re-instated the pride and reputation they had lost at The Oval in 1882, they could now return home the heroes.

The Ashes were to be returned to their "rightful" domain!



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Origin of the Ashes - History in the MakingOrigin of the Ashes - History in the Making
This is the most legendary of all cricket series. Played between Australia and England, this series has even caused bad diplomatic relations between the two countries. When Englandís Barmy Army come up against the Aussieís at the ďGĒ...itís almost war! Learn about the origins of The Ashes with this video produced by the ABC.


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The Ashes - Part 3: England's Revenge
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