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Part 7: Ashes Cricket Statistics

Every conceivable statistic has been calculated and recorded for every match of the Ashes cricket series since its beginning in 1882-3. Records are continually made and broken with every match played. With the assistance of a software program called Cricket Statz and the author of this program Mark Sinclair, we provide access for you to view every possible statistic you could imagine for the Ashes series.

From best batting and bowling performances to individual player and team statistics, you are able to access the most current and up-to-date information available for the series. Individual match reports indexed by year and player performances from these matches are also available.

To view the statistic of your choice, simply select the relevant link from the linkbox on the right of this page. This will take you to another page where you will be presented with a more comprehensive index of statistics.

We would like to thank Mark Sinclair for allowing us to be the First Ashes cricket site, to give you direct access to these magnificent statistics.

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Reference: Home and Away - Author, Jack Pollard
Thanks to: Mark Sinclair - Cricket Statz
Simon Lee and the late
Sheila Lee - Graphics


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Origin of the Ashes - History in the MakingOrigin of the Ashes - History in the Making
This is the most legendary of all cricket series. Played between Australia and England, this series has even caused bad diplomatic relations between the two countries. When Englandís Barmy Army come up against the Aussieís at the ďGĒ...itís almost war! Learn about the origins of The Ashes with this video produced by the ABC.


2006/07 Ashes Series Schedule - Australia v England in Australia

Ashes cricket statistics. Every match and every series.
The Ashes Cricket Series. Australia v England - Bodyline and Sir Don Bradman



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