The Ashes

Part 5: Ashes Series Begins

Ashes Cricket Urn - Trophy - HistoryTo this day, the Ashes remain the ultimate trophy in a bi-annual cricket competition between England and Australia and although the winner never takes  physical possession of the original trophy, a copy is always presented to the victorious team captain. The original Ashes urn remains locked away in the vaults of the MCC and has been deemed too precious to be handled.


Ashes Cricket Scores - News - Guide - UpdatesFrom the original match at The Oval in 1882 that gave birth to the Ashes, the competition and its players has continued to develop over the years and has stood the test of time. Many notable periods, victories and losses could be mentioned regarding the Ashes series, however the most notable moment in Ashes history came with the series known as Bodyline. No single moment or incident in cricket history has been written or talked about as much as this single cricket series. Bodyline to this day, comes into conversation amongst cricket fans, it is argued, debated, and often the cause of spilt blood. It was the single most defining moment in cricket relations with rivalry between England and Australia that went on to further strengthen the determination of an Australian team in winning an Ashes series against England.

Another notable moment in Australia v England cricket history was in 1977, when Australia and England met in the Centenary Test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This match was played to celebrate one hundred years of test cricket between the two opponents and just like the very first test match played in 1877, Australia was once again triumphant by the winning margin of 45 runs.



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Origin of the Ashes - History in the MakingOrigin of the Ashes - History in the Making
This is the most legendary of all cricket series. Played between Australia and England, this series has even caused bad diplomatic relations between the two countries. When Englandís Barmy Army come up against the Aussieís at the ďGĒ...itís almost war! Learn about the origins of The Ashes with this video produced by the ABC.


2006/07 Ashes Series Schedule - Australia v England in Australia

The Ashes Cricket Series Begins
The Ashes Cricket Series. Australia v England - Bodyline and Sir Don Bradman



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