- The Final Dig ? -

Aussie icon and should-be national living treasure, The 12th Man aka Billy Birmingham, is answering the calls of cricket fans from all over the world by releasing a brand new double album titled, The Final Dig?.

Set during this summer's one day competition featuring Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, The 12th Man is asking the million dollar question on The Final Dig?

Who will the Channel 9 Commentary Team Selection Committee choose as the new Commentary Team Captain, if and when Richie Benaud retires to his vineyard estate, Verdaflore, in the South of France. Fans are assured of the laughs they have grown accustomed to and will laugh even harder when they discover they are getting nearly two and a half hours of brand new 12th Man stupidity on a double CD for the price of one.

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The FInal DigThe Final Dig
The latest and greatest offering from The 12th man. If you havenít bought this CD yet, you better buy it quick. It will have you in absolute stitches of laughter with ďMr BennoĒ set to retire from th commentary team and take up residence in France.




Bill Lawry - This is Your LIfeBill Lawry - This is Your Life
The 12th Man takes the piss out off former Aussie test cricketer and now, channel 9 commentary team member Bill Lawry, with this in depth look at the life of the man known more for his love of pigeons than anything else. You will laugh till you cry with this CD and if you even slightly like BIll Lawry...this is a must have.




The 12th Man Again and Still The 12th Man12th Man Again and Still The 12th Man - CD Double
These 2 CDís are amongst Billyís first and are what established him as the proverbial pain in Richie Benaudís neck. Billy, pulls no punches when it comes to sending up Aussie cricket commentators and Richie Benaud has been a constant source of complaint over the years, all to no avail.




Wired World of SportsWired World of Sports I and II - Plus Bonus CD
In this double CD pack, the 12th Man takes to Austrliaís Wide World of Sports commentary team, as only the 12th Man could. If ever Australiaís cricket commentators retired or went on strike, there would be no need to worry....we still have The 12th Man who can take them all off to a tee.




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